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AirQUIS Family

The AirQUIS product line is a suite of tools created to facillitate the collection, management and reporting of Air Quality and Meteorological Data.

The main objective of a modern environmental surveillance platform like AirQUIS is to enable direct data and information transfer and obtain a remote quality control of the data collection.

From connecting to your
data source, to collection of data, to analysis, QA, Reporting and dissemination, AirQUIS provides the tools you need, the way that you need them.

AirQUIS Keywords
Flexible: Designed to work as standalone modules, you can use a single AirQUIS product, or combine them in any way you need. This enables you to create a solution that is designed to fit your requirements, without compromise. 

Modular: Integrating with other vendor's products or systems is also an option, making fully customisable solutions that meet your specific requirements not only possible, but positively simple.
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