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AirQUIS Portal
AiQUIS Portal is web based, and is consequently available anywhere, anytime giving you, your field technicians and anyone who needs access the unparalled ability to directly control data whether at home, work, or while travelling.

It is modular, and can be configured to do a variety of things, from administration of monitoring networks (stations, time series, components) to viewing raw data, quality assuring data and more.

Network administration
Users can administrate the entire monitoring network, from Creating/Managing stations, to managing the data, adding new components and managing data time series and units.

Data viewer
The data viewer module enables the user to monitor data from any time period. You can manipulate the data in a variety of ways (daily avg, 8 hour moving avg, monthly avg and so on.) Data can be viewed in both graphical chart and table format and can be exported to Excel.

Quality control
You can scale data, manually approve datasets, flag individual values, configure automatic quality controls, eg. 'too many equals'.

The administrator can register exceedences, and report them as required.

Create new models, and evaluate forecasts.

Create predictions on pollution levels. These can then be sent to subscribers via email and SMS.

AirQUIS Contacts
Tel:  +47  69898000
Eml: airquis@nilu.no
AirQUIS Demo
Fully interactive demo site online soon.
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