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AirQUIS - Air Quality Assessment

One of the main challenges in today’s society is to have timely and appropriate access to relevant and good quality environmental data. The aim is to enable actions whenever environmental requirements and limits are violated.

All new establishments of polluting activities must follow the regulations in the Plan- and building law about consequence reports.

A main objective of the modern environmental management system is to enable direct data and information transfer and obtain a remote quality control of the data collection. The system must:

  • Provide information on how much pollution the population is exposed to


  • Establish a basis for strategies to reduce pollution
  • Estimate environmental impacts from present and future developments.

A Impact Assessment system must consist of:

  • All aspects of consequence reports about existing and future emissions to air
  • Mapping of the pre-situation, judgement of normal operations, accidental situations
  • The establishment of a surveillance program for control in the future.


AirQUIS Contacts
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